Chame o Lixo

There is new help to improve street cleaning!
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Chame o Lixo

Streets without garbage, it's possible!

It is the first application that allows door-to-door garbage collection. The garbage identified on the street, just make a registration through the APP, the collection team receives a notification with the location of the order and makes a survey of the material.


Reduction of fuel costs and vehicle wear in random traffic
Collection time effectiveness and efficiency
Real-time route optimization
Analysis and statistics to improve management performance


Take an active part in cleaning the streets.

The garbage can be identified on the street by anyone, if you see bags with garbage on the floor, organic waste, boxes or heavier materials notify the team of the Board. This service is free to all residents of the Parish.


Greater proximity between Population and the Parish Council
Better quality of life
Accessible on any device
Real-time notifications

Report from Sic - Primeiro Jornal

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